Ideelle Förderung

Virtual Connected Community

Vishal Rangras and Angelika Penner organised the second “Virtual Connect of the Studienfonds Community”. This time 16 people met each other virtually to talk and play online games and get to know each other.

Again international and German, current and former scholarship holders of our Studienfonds OWL participated in different online activities. Like at the last virtual connect we drew on the whiteboard, this time depicting animals with which we identify for some reason, as you can see in the picture. Time went by very quickly, therefore we look forward to the next virtual connect! Everyone is welcome who is interested in getting to know new people in an English-speaking environment. If you want to join our group before our next event starts, feel free to contact Angelika Penner via or via the Slack workspace of the Studienfonds Community. We hope to see you soon!