Social Scholarship

This scholarship, which is granted on the basis of financial or personal need, amounts to €1,800 per year. Scholarship students are sponsored for two semesters in installments of €150 per month. This amount is covered entirely by private donations raised by Studienfonds OWL. The scholarship is not subsidized by the federal government.  

The scholarship can begin in either the Winter or Summer semester and can be extended. Students supported by this program can also participate in our Ideals Cultivation program and profit from a large network of scholarship donors.

The goal of the Social Scholarship is to aid students struggling personally or financially in such a way that their ability to begin or continue their college studies is compromised.


financial support - and even more

Besides the financial support scholarship students benefit from our large Ideals Cultivation program. We offer:

  • contact to businesses in OWL
  • workshops, seminars, talks
  • tours of companies
  • internship positions
  • help in matching a student with projects and theses
  • evenings by the fire with interesting personalities
  • mentoring
  • academic exchange
  • cultural events
  • meetings among scholarship students
  • and much more!



For the scholarships beginning each year with winter term you can apply from August, 1st until 31st. For the scholarships beginning with summer semester you can apply from February, 1st until 29th.

Applications via E-Mail, Mail etc. will not be accepted. Please restrain from handing in documents after the application period.

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