Social Scholarship




Application dates

The next set of scholarships for the Social Scholarship will be issued summer semester 2019.

The application deadline is Thursday, February 28th, 2019.

Please note that documents send after this date cannot be considerd in the evaluation process. without our explicit request from us as we can no longer consider them.

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Application requirements and disqualifiers

The following persons may apply to receive the scholarship:

  • all German and foreign students enrolled at any of the five state colleges that participate in the Studienfonds OWL who are working on their first college career (exception: foreign students may apply for a second college career path if the first college career was abroad)
  • all high school students and those interested in pursuing a college education who would like to begin earning their first college degree at one of the five aforementioned colleges in the near future

Requirements for application among these target groups are that they are verifiably in critical financial or personal circumstances that endanger an applicant’s ability to be admitted to college or to continue their college studies and can demonstrate at least satisfactory academic performance in high school or college.

Disqualifiers for application:

  • Overlapping sponsorship through another scholarship program, i.e., receiving aid for academic talent and performance within the same timeframe (BAföG, German federal financial student aid, not included)
  • Receiving a scholarship for post-graduate studies is not possible.

You can find out more whether you are eligible for a scholarship in the Initiates file downloadSponsorship Guidelines, which contains in full detail the criteria necessary to be sponsored by Studienfonds OWL with a Social Scholarship.

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Necessary documents and qualifications

  • Completely filled out and signed participation form in the document Guide to Applying for the Social Scholarship (you can find the document below in the Instructions for Applying)
  • Personal statement (Note: Please read the Initiates file downloadGuidelines for Your Personal Statement.)
  • Résumé
  • Current photo (optional)
  • High school final grade transcript (or the last prior if the final transcript is not yet available). Foreign certifications with grade equivalents for the German school system are needed in the format necessary for your application or enrollment at your college; if you are unsure, please ask your respective college)
  • College enrollment confirmation, if available, with your current semester of study (Note: For those only beginning their studies, this will be requested at a later time if you are granted the scholarship)
  • College grade transcript, if available
  • If applicable: Final diploma or transcript of previous college(s) (e.g., if you've changed colleges and/or are beginning a Master's program)
  • Confirmations of volunteer-based social involvement (e.g., working at religious institutions, associations, or clubs), distinctions, prizes, stays abroad, other knowledge
  • Certifications and confirmation of internships and jobs
  • Proof of personal, familial, or health circumstances relevant to your application.
  • Proof of your financial situation by a statement of cost with supporting documents, i.e. income statements for the last three months (current proof of personal income as well as proof of parents' and/or spouse's income)
  • Statement from BAföG (official confirmation from the BAföG offices either that the applicant is not receiving BAföG, e.g., letter of rejection, or of the amount of federal financial aid the applicant is receiving)

Please do not write to faculty members or secretaries regarding the Social Scholarship. Teacher recommendations are neither needed nor desired for the application and will not be considered in the selection process.

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Instructions for applying

The application for a Social Scholarship is to be sent in writing by email or printed out and sent by post. Please send all of your application documents in a single compiled PDF document (max. 5 MB) with your name as its file name. An important document for the application is the Initiates file downloadGuide to Applying for the Social Scholarship. The participation form included in the document must be printed out, signed, and sent by post. Moreover, the guide contains other important information regarding application.


Please send your application by email to:

Friederike Ruwisch
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Please send your participation form to:

Stiftung Studienfonds OWL
z. Hd. Friederike Ruwisch
Warburger Str. 100
D-33098 Paderborn


It is important to know that all applications, even those sent in far prior to the application end date, are examined after the application end date. There is therefore no advantage to sending in a hurried application. Therefore, we recommend you give particular attention to the quality and the well-executed preparation of your documents. Furthermore, you can use the time to ask your college’s Career Service for tips about applying. You can find information about the Career Service at your college on its respective website.

After we have received your application, we will send you a confirmation of receipt by email. Since only complete applications that have been submitted on time will be considered, please do not send any documents after the application end date.

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Information about the selection process

Selection process

Studienfonds OWL accepts the applications and checks to see if they fulfill the formal criteria. Next, all applications are assessed and evaluated by the relevant selection committee. Applicants’ data is treated confidentially. Please also read the ‘Privacy notice’ in the Guide to Applying for the Social Scholarship.

The selection committee for the Social Scholarships is composed of five students from the five colleges that participate in the Studienfonds OWL. The committee examines the applications sent to them and recommends the applicants they consider most qualified to the foundation board. Based on the recommendations, the board finally decides which students it will grant scholarships to. The applicants are then notified in writing by the office of the results.

Application interviews do not take place.

Selection criteria

The most important criteria for granting this need-based scholarship is pressing financial or personal need or hardship that endangers an applicant’s ability to begin or continue their college studies.

Severe disability also qualifies as a hardship; those severely disabled will be favored in cases of otherwise equal eligibility. Applicants’ social involvement is considered of secondary importance in the selection process.

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